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September 2009 Newsletter


Comments from the President


          We want to thank Captain Steve Weiden USCG for being our speaker for our August meeting.  Capt Weiden went into some detail on the training conducted at the Joint Marine Training Center located at Camp Lejeune.  My initial thoughts were that the center trained small boat operators for the various services.  As it turns out, my thoughts were wrong.  I had no idea of the depth and breadth of the work done at the training center.  Their training involves all aspects of boat handling as well as weapons training as well tactical training for the services, each with different areas of responsibility.  Quite an operation and done with professionalism and enthusiasm under the leadership of Capt. Weiden.       


          As mentioned in last month’s letter, August was relaxed, and September has a lot on the table.  We have a flyer for the BBQ on the Battleship attached to this note.  Plan to come to the BBQ.  It is the premier event of our year and we are very lucky to be able to host the BBQ on the fantail of the battleship.  There can be no better venue for a maritime event.  Put September 18th on your calendar.  Captain Weiden will be our guest speaker at this event.


Treasurers Report


            Dave advised that we are still operating in the black.  Our account as of August 14th was $3495.  These are the funds which allow us to have an active outreach program to support the sea services in the area.


Chaplains Corner        


            Answer to last month’s corner article . . .  Abraham Lincoln.  I should add here that there was a bone of contention sent in from a reader of our newsletter that Abraham Lincoln was not the author.  I do not care to perpetuate the controversy, it really doesn’t matter.  Here’s a list repeating what was written, and whoever wrote it had it right:


            Discouraging thrift does not create prosperity.

            Weakening the strong does not strengthen the weak.

            Encouraging class hatred does not further brotherhood.

            Destroying the rich will not help the poor.

            Spending more than you earn does not keep one out of trouble.

            Taking away initiative and independence does not build character.

            Providing for one who could and should do it for themselves

                        does not help them permanently.


           Upcoming Events

         Our October meeting will be at the Joint Maritime Training Center at Camp Lejeune hosted by Captain Weiden.  Captain Weiden is looking into the best date for the meeting.  We probably will not meet on a Friday for very practical reasons – to avoid the long lines to get a base pass.  We will all have to arrange our own transportation, so give some thought on how best to get to Lejeune and how to car pool if possible.


           The Holiday Inn Sun Spree for the Christmas party on Thursday,  December 10th with the Harmony Belles to give their annual Christmas performance.

           The Wounded Warrior program will have a “Hope For the Warriors” ride on 11 September from Camp Lejeune to Oak Island.  They will stop in Wilmington but as yet I have not been informed of where or when they will stop here.  I can only advise that the last time I met the group, we met at Hugh McRae park at around noon.  I think that it should be about the same this year, but please check the local papers to get the correct time and place.  Try to be there to cheer the wounded warriors on.  They will be accepting donations to fund more bikes to continue this event and focus attention to our men and women who have served and have been wounded in our service.

           There will be another “Salute to World War II Veterans Jamboree” on Saturday, September 12th from 1000 until 1600.  This is the second salute to veterans held, and the first one was unforgettable.  The Navy League is one of the sponsors of the event.  I attended a planning session for the event to ask what the committee wanted of the Navy League as a sponsor.  They do not need funds, but do need some volunteers to assist on the day before and the day of the Jamboree.  I will plan to go to the building  the day before to help set up and come back for the pack up.  The committee needs volunteers to help in the following ways:  (1) help set up the day before the Jamobree and break down after the event, (2) direct traffic into the parking areas which are open for exhibitors on the morning of the Jamboree.  The person coordinating the volunteers is Ms. Doris Ayers.  If you can help, contact Ms. Ayers by telephone at 910 796 3292 or by e-mail at  Remember, the average age of these veterans is around 85, and there will not be many more opportunities to see them and hear their living histories. 

           On the 13th of September, CDR. Peter Sorensen will relieve LCDR John Moore as commanding officer of NOSC in Wilmington.  The change of command will be at 1300 aboard the USS North Carolina.  Try to attend to say farewell to John Moore and welcome CDR Sorensen to Wilmington. 

           Transit on the Diligence - The Diligence will return to Wilmington in mid September.  I will send out a notice advising of the time and date of the transit, and if you want to ride upriver, send me your name and I will get the list to CDR Schmidt.  I was asked for some help by the Diligence on this transit.  They will have four (4) visitors from the CG to make the transit, and they would like us to help with tiehr transportation from Wilmington to Oak Island.  As noted earlier, I do not know the date of the transit as yet, but they will arrive in the morning at 0930.  When I am advised of the date, I will get back in touch and ask for some help in the transportation as well as for the council members who want to make the transit. Remember the physical requirements of the trip as well as the logistics required since you will depart from Oak Island and disembark at the mooring in Wilmington.


Final Comments

            If anyone needs a nametag or Navy League membership certificate contact Tom Durant.  Nametags are $5.00 and certificates are free.  Tom’s telephone number is 762-8557.   

            The cost of postage continues to rise, so if you are getting this note via USPS and have an e-mail address, please let me know so I can update our listings.  Currently, we send 31 newsletters via USPS.  Of these, 8 have e-mail addresses which are not accepted by the provider.  If you receive this via USPS, check your e-mail address and send me the correct address at so we can update the information and send you the newsletter via e-mail.  Remember, when we have special notices, they are not sent in the mail, but only by e-mail.