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October 2009 Newsletter


Comments from the President


        Our BBQ on the USS North Carolina was successful in numerous ways.  We had about an attendance of around 90 and the weather cooperated.  The prediction was for rain all night, but the evening was clear with a cool breeze.  We had good talk from Capt Weiden at a time his men were involved in a capture exercise to attack and secure the Diligence.  We had a ringside seat into the exercise. 


        We want to thank Capt Weiden for being our speaker, to thank the Hoggard High School and MSGT Beatty USMC for providing the color guard.  We cannot have the BBQ without the help of Capt Terry Bragg and his staff.  They provide the venue, all of the tables, chairs, and electronic hardware we need to have a successful party.  Many thanks to all and to Harry Otterbein who was the program chairman to pull it all together and handled the lottery the day of the party. All in all, it was a fine evening.


            We will meet in October at the Joint Maritime Training Center at Camp Lejeune.  The details and directions are below.  We look forward to seeing the command that thank Capt Weiden for inviting us to the command.


        We also ask you to look at our web site and think about any change you may want to incorporate into the site to make it more informative or more user friendly.  This is our opportunity to work on the site and add some of the new IT technology.



Treasurers Report


        Dave Echevarria advises that we are still solvent with a balance of $3809.89 after the expenses of the BBQ.



Chaplains Corner        


        What is the first thing any good Marxist will tell you needs to be controlled?  Answer: liberty.  That means freedom of speech, enterprise, and property.  That quickly evolves into control of all facets of communication (spoken and written), the law and the courts, religion, education and eventually the military.  It is the classic scenario, all under the guise of, “Put in according to your ability, take out according to your needs.”  Put into, take from and controlled by what?  Answer: the government.  In the last seven months more than 83% of all American industries have downsized their workforce while the public (government) payrolls have grown.  Remember, our individual liberties did not just spring spontaneously into being, they were fought and paid for.  Freedom is not free.


        Quiz for the month:  which major country had this recent front page newspaper bi-line, “It must be said, that like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism is happening with breathtaking speed.”?  Answer next month.


Final thought:

            Seek His Holy Face

            And mend our evil way;

            Then God will hear from heaven

            And forgive us of our sins,

            He’ll heal our sickly land

            And those that live within.

            But, America the beautiful,

            If you don’t - then you will see,

            A sad but Holy God

            Withdraw His hand from thee.


(Excerpts from a poem by Judge Roy Moore)



           Upcoming Events


    Captain Weiden was our speaker at the August Navy League meeting, and at that time, he invited our council to his command as his guests for our October meeting.  We have worked with Capt Weiden to determine a date and work on the logistics of the visit.  We have the details now and want to pass them on at this time.  We will meet to Camp Lejeune on Thursday, 15 October at 1200.  If you are not familiar with the drive to Lejeune, take route 17 north to Jacksonville.  Turn right on route 172 toward Sneads Ferry.  This turn is at Folkstone and is the second right.  I do not know of any landmarks to check, just look for the sign to Sneads Ferry.  Proceed on the Sneads Ferry road until you see the Sneads Ferry United Methodist Church on the left which is at the base of the bridge to Camp Lejeune.  We will park our cars here and transportation will be provided to the Joint Maritime Training Center.  We will have a lunch at the command and have a tour of the facility from 1200 until around 1600.  Remember, it takes about an hour to drive to Camp Lejeune.  Give yourself plenty of time to get there, and we should try to be at the parking lot by around 1130.

        We need a count of people who intend to visit the command.  Please contact me at my telephone 910 452 1616 or via e-mail at and I will pass the count on to the command.

        This should be a very interesting visit since the command has such a varied mission.  All are encouraged to come to the meeting and see how our special services are trained and learn more of their missions.        


    Our November meeting will be on November 13th at 1230 at the Cape Fear Club.  We will have the developers for the web site as our guests to discuss the revision of the site.  Please attend and give us your input into the development.


    The Holiday Inn Sun Spree for the Christmas party on Thursday,  December 10th with the Harmony Belles to give their annual Christmas performance.       


    Transit on the Diligence - The Diligence will make their next transit on October 14th.  It will be their last transit for a while since they are going into the yard for overhaul.  The overhaul will take around 7 or so months.  I will advise on details as soon as they are available for those who wish to make the transit on Diligence.


    Web Site Revision


        We will be in the process of upgrading our web site for the next few months.  Dave Spetrino and Art Gowan have some ideas on making our site more informative, easier to navigate, and more friendly for upgrades and adding information (such as the newsletter which is a problem to get on the site).  Some of the ideas floated are to include our charter as part of the introduction, provide an easy to use contact list for the officers, have the current letters and events posted as well as provide an archive for past information, have special pages for awards, social events, speakers, etc.  We will provide a special section for the Diligence with tabs to go for pictures or other information concerning Diligence.  We suggest sections for special events such as commissioning, ship visits, events such as Maritime Day or other special days which are recognized locally.


        Above are the thoughts on the site.  We would like to have all input we can from the council members to make the site more useable for the council as well as for visitors to the site.  We will invite the site developers to our
November Meeting.


Final Comments

        If anyone needs a nametag or Navy League membership certificate contact Tom Durant.  Nametags are $5.00 and certificates are free.  Tom’s telephone number is 762-8557. 

        The cost of postage continues to rise, so if you are getting this note via USPS and have an e-mail address, please let me know so I can update our listings.  Currently, we send 31 newsletters via USPS.  Of these, 8 have e-mail addresses which are not accepted by the provider.  If you receive this via USPS, check your e-mail address and send me the correct address at so we can update the information and send you the newsletter via e-mail.  Remember, when we have special notices, they are not sent in the mail, but only by e-mail.