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June 2009 Newsletter

Comments from the President

                      We were honored to have Capt Terry Bragg USN (Ret) as the guest speaker at our May meeting.  Captain Bragg is the new director of the USS North Carolina BB55 memorial.  He introduced himself to our group and told us of his 30 year naval career as part of the surface warfare branch of the Navy.  He also said that he was=2 0a graduate of Appalachian State University in Boone, a university all Ohio Staters know very well.  Captain Bragg discussed the short term and long term plans for the North Carolina and mentioned the concert scheduled on the grounds of the battleship scheduled for the 22nd of May as well as their plans for Memorial Day.  We thank Captain Bragg for speaking and we welcome him to the community.  We shall miss Captain Schue as the director, but the battleship is in good hands.
            I mentioned earlier about the transit on the Diligence on 4 June.  This will be our last chance to make the transit with Cdr. Fears since he will have a change of command on the 26th of June.  Doug sent us a note that the transit is scheduled for 4 June and they plan to be at the mouth of the river at 1400.  So, if you want to make the transit, you will have to depart Oak Island at 1400.  The transportation requirements are the same as before, you will have to arrange your own transport to Oak Island and from the Diligence mooring in town.  The physical requirements are also the same – you must be able to climb the Jacobs ladder around 5 feet from the deck of the Oak Island boat to the Diligence.  Doug has also mentioned that there may be a change in the date a day or so on either side of the 4th and we will keep you advised of any change.  The Diligence can accommodate up to 6 passengers, and if you wish to make the transit, please advise me as soon as you can.        
Treasurers Report
            Our treasurer advises that our balance is $4118.51.  We have had 77 of our members pay the local dues with 31 still outstanding.                                   
Chaplains Corner         
            Usually I shy away from Bible verses, etc., because the Bible has become too much of a relative entity even to many who profess to be religious, e.g., "just a guide; can't be taken too seriously, etc."  I was just asked recently, "Do you really believe in the Bible?"  I answered, "Yes",  Sensing skepticism, I continued saying I believed in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and yes I believed that the Judeo/Christian Bible was God's word.  My skeptic friend said, "Written by God?" I answered, "Inspired and under the influence of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, but inscribed by man."  Next came the inevitable, "Then why are there so many versions of it?".  "Well", I said, "certainly wasn't written at one sitting, it was over thousands of years including Old and New Testaments and it's never simply been a nice, neat interpretation from the original texts, many of which have never been found and therefore translations from copies of originals, and even from the originals when available, never were going to be uniform."  All that does not eliminate that it still is inspired. Like so much of such discussions, faith must enter into the fray at some juncture.
            Lastly, in the book of 1 Peter and there is a heading titled, The Christian in a Hostile World, authored by the apostle Peter in 60 AD, although some conjecture exists on that point.  Nevertheless, 1 Peter 2-5 and 2 Peter discuss Christian citizenry, conduct, suffering, restraint, charity, the=2 0persecuted, officially appointed leaders, God's promises, apostolic witnesses, false teachers and the delay of the second coming.  It's only about 6 full pages of reading and has plenty of application today as it did when it was written. Worth your time, if so inclined.
God Bless
           Upcoming Events
           Our next meeting will be at the Cape Fear Club on the 12th of June.  If you wish to attend the meeting, please advise John Hicks.  Our speaker will be Captain Karl Reuter who is the Provost Marshal of the Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point (MOTSU).&n bsp; Sunny point is the largest ammunition handling facilities in the nation.  Be sure to attend to learn about this facility.
           Put May 20th on your calendar for Maritime Day.  The Maritime day celebration will be held on the steps of the Federal Building on Water Street at 1200.  It is our opportunity to recognize the efforts and sacrifices of the Merchant Marine in our country's history.  Plan to attend the event so we do not forget these times in our history.
           Our next affair will celebrate Independence Day.  The date and venue have not been selected as yet and we will advise when these are finalized.            
 Final Comments
            If anyone needs a nametag or Navy League membership certificate contact Tom Durant.  Nametags are $5.00 and certificates are free.  Tom's telephone number is 762-8557. 
            The cost of postage continues to rise, so if you are getting this note via USPS and have an e-mail address, please let me know so I can update our listings.