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July 2009 Newsletter

Comments from the President


The Navy League would like to thank Capt. Karl Reuter for speaking to the council and letting us know more about MOTSU.  Sunny Point is a place we all know something about, but have no idea how it works and any of the statistics around the base.  Capt Reuter gave us some insight into the largest ammunition load out facility on the east coast.  A very interesting talk.


            We learned from Steve Tyde that the Navy is considering another ship commissioning at Wilmington.  The group which worked on the commissioning of the USS North Carolina was asked to reassemble and discuss how they worked and how the whole North Carolina commissioning package was assembled.  The Navy is considering Wilmington as the venue for the commissioning of the new Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer the USS Gravely sometime next year.  Other areas in contention for the commissioning are Norfolk and Pascagula MS.  It is an honor to have Wilmington being the “gold standard” for ship commissioning.  If Wilmington is selected, we hope to have anther event which honors both the Navy and the city.


            Remember, the 7th of July is our annual Independence Day celebration to be held at the Shell Island Resort this year.  We are privileged to have Ms. Lynn O’Connell to entertain us at the celebration with some songs honoring our independence.  I have heard Ms O’Connell perform twice with one concert on show tunes and another time with a Saint Patricks Day selection of Irish tunes.  If you have not heard her before, you are in for a treat.


Treasurers Report


            Our treasurer advises that our balance is $3652.43.  We still have some outstanding local dues to be collected, but is good to see that we are still in the black.


           Upcoming Events

           The flyer for the 7 July Independence Day celebration will be attached to this notice.  Be sure to reserve your seat with Harry Otterbein as soon as possible.  It is a great way to honor the country.

           Harry Otterbein has been busy with scheduling future events.  He has scheduled the battleship for the 18th of September for our annual BBQ on the BB55, and the Holiday Inn Sun Spree for the Christmas party on December 10th with the Harmony Belles to give their annual Christmas performance.

           CDR. Harry Schmidt will relieve CDR Douglas Fears as commanding officer of the Diligence on 26 June with the ceremony to be held on the Diligence Mooring in Wilmington at 1000.  Council members are invited.  This is an opportunity for the Navy League to welcome CDR Schmidt to the area and say good bye to a good friend in Doug Fears. 

           There will be another “Salute to World War II Veterans Jamboree” on Saturday, September 12th from 1000 until 1600.  This is the second salute to veterans held, and the first one was unforgettable.  The Navy League is one of the sponsors of the event.  Plan to attend this jamboree. See the enclosed flyer for details.  The veterans will have many items from the period which are fascinating as are the stories of their service.  Remember, the average age of these veterans is around 85, and there will not be many more opportunities to see them and hear their living histories.  .

           Put these dates on your calendar


           Dick Eisenman has about wrapped up another successful awards “season” with most of the service award recipients having their received their money, meals, and plaques.  We have yet to make presentations to Oak Island Coast Guard Station and the Naval Reserve.  Dick would like to thank Jim Fenner, Art Davis, John Hicks, Anna Marie Allegretto, and John Stewart for their assistance in presenting these awards.

The awards this year are as follows:

                       JROTC AWARDS


Ashley HS NJROTC                         Camp Lejeune HS MCJROTC                       Cape Fear HS NJROTC

Cadet Danielle Rector                       Cadet 1st/Lt VonMarie Pedroza                      Cadet Marissa George


Carolina Forest HS NJROTC            Conway HS NJROTC                                   Hoggard HS NJROTC

Cadet LCDR Jennifer Sweet              Cadet Juvante Sarvia                                      Cadet Amanda Whitehurst


Mullins HS MCJROTC                     Myrtle Beach HS NJROTC                           

Cadet/Cpl Daniel McLaughlin          Cadet Teresa Jones


North Myrtle Beach HS NJROTC

Cadet/CPO Joe Polin


                       Sea Service Awards


USCG Marine Safety Unit Wilmington


           Capt David Oliver USCG award to the Active Duty Person of the Year to BM1 Jose Segura USCG


Capt John VB Metts USCGR award to the Reserve Person of the Year to MST2 Carol Smith USCGR


USCG Station Wrightsville Beach


Lt. Joseph White USNR award to the Person of the Year to BM2 Darek A. Cannoy USCG


           Each of the Sea Service recipients was given a $75 check with the award plaque.


 Final Comments

            If anyone needs a nametag or Navy League membership certificate contact Tom Durant.  Nametags are $5.00 and certificates are free.  Tom’s telephone number is 762-8557. 

            The cost of postage continues to rise, so if you are getting this note via USPS and have an e-mail address, please let me know so I can update our listings.