Joint Maritime Training Center

October 15, 2009

Gunfire Simulator

Boat full of Navy League members

Weiden welcomes us to the JMTC

Copy of Light wieight weapons

Copy of One more shot of the IR capability

Ready to board boats

Ready to fire at the simulator

ick and GM at the armory

Rick Burke starting the tour

Crowding around the FLIR table

Going upriver

GM in full tactical gear - about 70 pounds

In formation with another boat


In the parking lot going into Lejeune

Jet boat for our trip upriver

Riverine jet boats

Screen at sumulator -does not show up

Sgt Major with handguns at sumulator

Showing new bio suits

Showing some FLIR capability

Tactical Gear table

Weapons display

With 50 cal maching gun at armory